D'ONOFRIO Architecture + Design is an architectural firm located in the heart of Montreal's Little Italy.

D'ONOFRIO Architecture + Design is an architectural firm who works in a wide range of project types, including indoor and outdoor landscape design, taking full advantage of an established reputation and a wide range of qualifications, skills and talent for transforming your ideas and needs into reality.

Our ultimate goal is to provide for your functional and technical requirements and create a décor, ambience and elegance to suit your aesthetic choice, convenience and preference, using research and intense development during the design process or other expert services.

William D'Onofrio is a member of the Order of Architects of Québec since 1984, after having worked in various architectural firms since 1981. He is principal and founding architect of the firm since 1986. It is with this professional experience, and that of a builder, that he devotes his complete attention to your projects, whether they are for new constructions, renovations or transformations.

Architecture includes a wide variety of disciplines. The architect is responsible for the overall project and also provides the details. He calls and coordinates others who may contribute to the project in specialized disciplines. Design in architecture is a science and an art. It should elevate our minds and express our joys and hopes. It should make us feel secure and comfortable.

The general principle that guides us is the search for 'Timeless Architecture' in each project. Architecture is the stage set for our lives and civilisations. Our inspiration comes from deep understanding of the needs and desires of our clients. Historical, philosophical, social, cultural, financial, technological, legal, geographical, ecological, and urban contexts and considerations affecting the site enter every project to the degree of significance for the project, with the human being at the centre of it all.

It is tempting to simplify and use the 'organic' analogy to describe our architectural process, which leads us to the envisioned objective for a 'timeless' architecture. During this process we also look to the past, present and future for inspiration. Looking at the past feeds our memory and culture, being aware of the present informs us of our resources, imagining the future leads us towards innovation.

The objective of the process is also to achieve simplicity. Having realized that life and architecture are essentially and naturally complex, we feel there is no need to look for complex designs to impress. The research for a “timeless” architectural and appropriate response to our client’s program is a painstaking process towards simplicity. There are numerous complexities and contradictions in architecture and construction, experience has shown us that the effort towards simplicity is worthwhile for the benefit of our clients.

Finally, we see that major parts of human civilization have reached a certain level of maturity. This allows us to hope that the next step is the easy access to health services for every human being, and we believe every person should also have access to professional services in architecture. We relate good health with good architectural design. Human health is also a result of healthy architecture.

William (Guglielmo) D’Onofrio, architecte
william @ donarc.com